Q) When will the race officially take place?

A) According to F1 official announcement and a formally confirmed from FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE), the race date in Vietnam will be on Apr 03rd - 05th, 2020 - the third Grand Prix after Australia GP and Bahrain GP.

Q) Where will the race officially take place?

A) The area where take place of Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 event has total 88.09 hectares, located in 4 wards of Nam Tu Liem district: Phu Do, Me Tri, My Dinh 1 & My Dinh 2.The area is expected to have major activities will be at My Dinh National Sports Complex - Le Duc Tho, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

Q) What is check-in time at the event gate?

A) It's expected that the event gate will be opening around 09:00AM or 10:00 AM. The detailed opening time at each area will be announced on official website during 1 - 2 months before the event.


Q) If you already possess a ticket, will you be allowed to enter and exit the event freely? How will it be controlled?

A) Once own the event ticket, customers can freely enter / exit the event gate with the following conditions:
- Customer must always retain tickets when entering / exiting the main gate of the event in response to requests of control.
- If customers need to return after leaving the event, please notify the ticket inspector, the ticket inspector will wear a paper bracelet or stamp on the customer's hand.
- When the customers return to the event, make sure to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp on the hand.

Q) Where are the big screens located?

A) According to the current information, giant screen will be located in 2 areas:
- At the pit building - the opposite side with Starting Grid Grandstand.
- The opposite side with Turn 2-3-4 Grandstand In addition, many big screens will be located at many areas within the circuit. Please update our latest information via our website/ fanpage of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix


Q) What are the benefits of General Admission? Will I be able to see the race track clearly with my GA ticket?

A) Benefits of GA ticket: customer can access to all area around the circuit, such as: entertainment activities, exhibitions,...
GA ticket is not included the seats, therefore, to see the race track clearly customer should check-in early to own the good position with the best view. In addition, the whole landscape of the track will also be communicated to the audience through large LED screens arranged in many areas of the track.

Q) What are the specific benefits of Grandstand? Why are there three different prices for this type of ticket?

A) Benefits of Grandstand tickets: a position with seats in the stands, customers will have the opportunity to directly watch riders competing in special positions on the track longer than 5.5km. Grandstand tickets have three different price levels: curve position differences on the rack, vision, seat facilities, ability to pick and hold ahead and access to areas nearby festivals.

Q) What are the benefits of Hospitality?

A) Hospitality tickets are the most advanced ticket type of the event with 3 ticket classes located in different positions, owning a separate area, high-class facilities, perfect location. Customers can experience the race with comfortable entertainment services and culinary elite prepared by famous chefs, create opportunities for customers to promote their brands, entertain their partners.