There is something magical about watching Dhoni hit a six to win the World Cup in Mumbai with 40,000 fans, united with one common purpose. #IWasThere

Does your heart rate increase every time you watch Kohli and Dhoni, or Nadal and Federer fire up the stadium with their skills? Do you sit at the edge of your seat every time Manchester United or Chelsea take to the field in the Premier League? Well, you have come to the right place.

Nothing compares to cheering for your favourite team or player LIVE. Sportytrip brings together a unique set of sporting experiences for you, the genuine sports fan. From Cricket World Cups to European Football, from Formula 1 to Grand Slam tennis and the golf majors, we have it all covered.

We offer special experiences that include meeting with the legends, unique merchandise, special behind-the-scenes access, stadium tours, premium hospitality and an end-to-end experience that makes you go WOW!

Come on, give us a spin. We can get you closer to your favourite sport.

Why choose Sportytrip?

  • Customised sports travel packages to the best of sporting events around the world
  • Great experience right from booking to the actual experience
  • Exclusive access to the most sought-after hotels, seating, amenities, parties and other assets around the globe
  • VIP access/backstage passes for sports enthusiasts
  • All packages are customizable as per your preferences, expectations and budget


We are a bunch of sports fans who are driven to transform sports experiences around the world.

Ashok Karanth

Adarsh A R

Shifali Shetty

Ajay Kumar

Siddharth Padmanabhan

Deepika Das Pereira

Chandan Keshava Murthy

Pooja Singhania

Priyanka Garga

Prasad Tagat

Akshay Chandrashekar

Varun Bakshi

We are constantly looking for high-energy sports fans who can join us and change the world.


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